Work In Web3 Accelerators

“Work In Web3 Accelerators” are a combination of metaverse environments, on-chain smart contracts and off-chain APIs that allow organizations to accelerate the implementation of industry specific Web3 use cases based on lessons learned from industry experts.  Contact us about leveraging one of our “Work In Web3 Accelerators” to jump start your Web3 integration.

Metaverse Surgical Hospital – Medical Accelerator

Dr. Mohanad M Salem Al Ansari specializes in Laparoscopic Surgery and Robotic Surgery. Dr. Al Ansari is the founder of The Metaverse Surgical Hospital at MetaBlock4.

BYOB Kingdomverse – Meta Ministries

BYOB Kingdomverse provides ministries with an immersive metaverse experience that can be used to host meetings, stream services or conferences.

Legal Creatives – Legal & Law Office Accelerator

Legal Creatives leverages Web3 by providing legal design strategies to legal professionals around the world.

Dr. Daryl Scriven – Education Accelerator

Dr. Daryl Scriven is a thought leader and innovator in the use of Web3 for enhancing the educational experience.

College Fan Coins – Sports Accelerator

College Fan Coins brings fans and athletes together in the metaverse.  Colin Magnusson helps athletes create Web3 assets that create name, image and likeness (NIL) opportunities.